Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Daniel Searles Bowie Knife:
Well the new knife everyone has been waiting on came in. The Daniel Searles Bowie knife from Generation 2! The first batch of 25 came in and went straight out the door.

We have had allot of great responses (and we are not saying that just because it is our knife), folks we have said it and the response we have received says it all. This is the BEST looking Bowie Knife we have made yet!

It has been talked about quite a bit on the different forums. Just GOOGLE Daniel Searles Bowie Knife you will find the link to 3 of the main forums that talk about it.

We are now taking orders on the next batch of 25. These are due in, in April sometime. Of course this batch will be pre-sold before it gets here, as with the last 2 knives we did.
So orders yours now.

Here is the Link: Searles Bowie

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Generation 2 said...

The 2nd shipment of 25 are on a rail to Memphis for us to pick up.

We only do 25 at a time now so as not to have the miss count that I did on the Musso Bowie (Yes I did go back to school), (Hehe haha). But, I am not going to make that mistake again. So we will do 25 at a time.

I know many of you are looking forward to receiving you Searles Bowie Knife and I know you have been patient on this. And I thank you.

Look forward to see post about what you think and how close we have come to the original in here on this portion of our blog.